Agency X wins mock trial at Palacio da Bolsa

Agency X was exonerated by our jury of inVOYAGE attendees in the dramatic conclusion to our first ever Mock Trial in the court room at the Palacio da Bolsa on Tuesday night (3 October).

inVOYAGERS heard the prosecution and defence arguments in the case, which saw Peter Joslin (red e2’s Peter Jackson) suing Agency X (Overflow’s Tammy Broaddus) for gross negligence after he was injured in an accident during a quad biking activity at his company’s annual incentive last year.

Presided over by his right honourable Judge Chetan Shah of micebook, with drp’s Marie Lacey as prosecutor and events by tlc’s Miguel Assis taking the role of defence, the court heard how Mr Joslin had been drinking before taking part in the activity and of budget cuts by the client that meant less safety instructors were present during the activity than advised by the agency.

While the agency appeared to have a fairly robust crisis management system in place, there were questions raised over the quality of the safety briefing and other elements that Agency X could have improved on.

But Agency X was found not guilty by a majority verdict. While the trial was tongue-in-cheek in nature and was highly entertained, it also fulfilled its objective of getting industry professionals thinking and talking about the important topics of risk assessment and crisis management.


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