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60 seconds with… Julia Bary, Grand Luxury Experiences

After 14 years in luxury hospitality management, Julia joined Grand Luxury Group, a Travel, Event and Lifestyle company founded ten years ago by two brothers, in January 2017 to start a new branch of the company dedicated to meetings and events.

Brand promise
We CARE .Your event success is our concern. I always tell our new clients “Our job is to make yours easier” as in the end we become part of their team. We handle small to large programme and I am always amazed to see that our clients have no more than two to three in-house people handling crazy big events. We always aim at perfection and deliver what we promise. My entire team comes from the hotel side. They understand the logistics and perspectives from both sides. They know the magic rule of a perfect rooming list and execute it with pride. To me, a group is a number of individuals travelling together at the same time at the same place . Each of them has different expectations and needs to be handled as such.

What’s trending in 2018
This year has been incredible in terms of destination. From London to Tuscany, Tokyo to Miami, Nashville to St Petersburg, we have covered more than 30 destinations. Iceland and Lapland are the new kids on the block.

Luxury defined in 140 characters
Luxury is personal. You won’t find two people answering the same to this question. In our business, luxury is service, attention to detail and human connection.

Townhouse or treehouse?
My kind of retreat for a long weekend is anywhere in the English countryside or Scotland . There is something special about it. From the fog to the incredible landscapes, and of course the people.

The bucket list
My choice of a destination is quite often driven by one particular hotel I want to see. In the short term, I want to visit Gleneagles in the UK, and then Amanpulo Resort in The Philippines, The Oyster Box in South Africa and Deplar Farm in Iceland.

Last meal
Very simple. Home-made cacio e pepe pastas with my husband and daughter.

Old fave
The Connaught, London and the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.

Proud moment
Each piece of business is a “victory” and a proud moment. Hopefully there are many more to come.

Bragging rights
Many fun things but shhhh….we’re staying under the radar. Like Vegas, what happens in the office stays in the office…

It’s all in the detail…
The Rooming list!! the basics of our job and the key to a successful event.

What inspires you?
Clients, friends, books. A good story is always an invitation to travel.

Aperol or agua?
Definitely a glass of wine…. I’m French, what else?!

Final word…
What a fabulous industry we work for. If not on a plane, we virtually travel every day, meet passionate people and discover incredible destinations. Each day brings a new brief, a new destination, a new client. Each day is different, intense, full of surprise …and sometimes emergencies…



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