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Experience this… Belmond’s secret wine experience

When, in 1595, a group of Jesuit priests were given a small stretch of land tucked under a towering cliff on Madeira’s south coast, little did they know the impact their actions would have. Now, guests of Belmond Reid’s Palace can take a breathtaking cable car ride down to discover the delicious secrets of this hidden Eden.

The cable car ride is an experience in itself and provides guests with a unique vista of the landscape. Once down there, they can discover the vines that were first introduced by the priests back in the 15th century when Prince Henry the Navigator wished to make a sweet wine that could compete with those of Venice.

The Malvasia vine which came to be known as Fajã dos Padres wine, after the priests, was revived decades later by a fisherman and now belongs to the Vilhena de Mendonça family.

The family welcome each group of guests to their winery for a tour and a private tasting of the legendary Fajã dos Padres wine, plus a stroll through the organic gardens.

Before returning for a night at the opulent Belmond Reid’s Palace, guests can feast on local specialities, including sweet-potato garlic bread, battered black scabbardfish and fried banana.

Belmond Reid’s Palace is attending inVOYAGE 2018 on 1-4 October in Ras Al Khaimah.

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