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inSIGHTS from …. Sona Sklenarova


EVENTBOX, based in Prague, is a leading specialist in high end events and travel services, incentives and conferences. We talk with Sona Sklenarova about the event details which make a difference and her brand values and most important client qualities ….

What is the best part of your current role?

I am a born traveller. When I plan and prepare all the unique journeys, whether for exoticism, entertainment or something special, I’m just totally happy and do the best job. Journey planning is a challenge for me, I like the friendly pressure to do my best, I look forward to realising my ideas, and I feel my intuition. When everything clicks together and the clients return satisfied and excited, it’s a great reward for me, that’s why I do this work, I’m excited and happy along with them.

What do you love about your brand?

EVENTBOX, our great box of dreams exists because we ourselves still dream about memorable events and we want these events to be perfect and exceptional. We understand the needs of our clients and it makes us happy to fulfil them, because by that we also fulfil a piece of our own dream. Any such trip, any such event, it’s the fuel, the energy that drives us forward. EVENTBOX is a wonderful mix of professionalism, experience, willingness and ideas

Why would I place my event in your hands?

Because we can. We pay attention to confidentiality and privacy, we communicate openly and honestly with our clients, we prevent misunderstandings. We work carefully on building relationships with our clients and we appreciate the trust that we receive. It is very important to us that our client has a good feeling from our co-operation. You can simply rely on us.

What are the most important qualities sought by your clientele?

The basis of our work is to listen. We listen carefully to the wishes and requirements of our clients and during the sensitive process of the “birth” of experience we come up with our own creative purposes and ideas, which then complete the content of a successful event or journey. Our advantage is that we love to communicate with our clients, we work efficiently and reliably. Fundamentally we don’t offer anything that we haven’t tested and verified. The trust of our clients helps to support us in the further efforts for the best possible service.

Give us an example of a small detail that the client never sees, but can make all the difference to their experience.

This is a very interesting topic for me. There are many little things like that, and I give them special care. Therefore, I discuss every trip very carefully with our clients and between the lines I’m trying to discover what would be even more pleasing for them, what could make their travel and stay even more pleasant. I love it when I can surprise the clients with an unexpected birthday gift for children in the place of their destination, when I can provide the best conditions for clients with dietary or mobility limitations, to help clients take all the advantages of the options and offers that they have on the given destination and when I can provide a specific reliable foreign partner who knows me and will be available with the same approach to my clients.

Sona Sklenarova, Director of EVENTBOX will be at inVOYAGE 2016 in Dubai.

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