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inSIGHTS from …. Kelly Brown

headshotKelly Brown heads up the team having created KC Events in 2008. With a background working for The Walt Disney Company in the USA and a selection of finance houses in the UK, Kelly has over 15 years’ experience in the events industry creating and managing event strategies that have engaged diverse clientele such as FTSE 100 CEO’s, musicians and designers.


Where in the world is inspiring you right now?

Marrakech, as it has a great blend of ‘East meets West’ and we need to encourage people to explore when they travel and reassure them these places are safe.  I am also loving the southern states of America and bringing some of that flavour and charm into North America programmes. We prefer to stay away from the large generic resorts and incentive activities and immerse in experience.

Who do you currently take inspiration from?

No one person or thing in particular.  I am always open to inspiration for events and projects from things as simple as watching the news, reading magazines, walking in cities and reading blogs.  Keeping an open mind and always being ready to learn or adapt means you will always find inspiration in the smallest thing.

Can you tell us about the event you’re most proud of having been professionally involved with?

Corporate GrpDelivering an event in Botswana and Zambia that had a large element of CSR [corporate social responsibility].  Apart from safari in Chobe National Park and the expressions of amazement on guests faces on this potentially once in a lifetime event, the opportunity to spend time with orphans and the local school in Zambia as well as the local villagers to assist in their food programmes and business ventures were life changing.  Africa as a continent is spell binding and a great event destination, but when you incorporate CSR and which is curated correctly and not purely a bus tour and donation, it really takes a heart experience to another level.  Working with a great DMC, fabulous hotel and local elders really made this an event of relationships.  It is one event I will remember always.

What do you love about your brand?

I love our relaxed competence and the ability to combine creative ideas with refined corporate delivery.  We operate as a lifestyle events company and work solidly in hand with all clients whether a global bluechip or HNWI, working very much with a concierge approach that epitomises discreet luxury.  Our relaxed competence floats through to all our relationships that we build on lasting interaction, but clear deliverables.  Don’t underestimate the girl at the back in jeans and cowboys boots, it’s not always the loudest or most polished person in the room who holds the key to a multitude of matters. Embrace your authenticity always.

What are the most important qualities sought by your clientele?

  • Relationship – Understanding their wants, without needing direction
  • Connected – Knowledge of and relationships with multiple luxury brands and hotels
  • Strategic – The ability to bring all creative ideas and concepts back to a business goal or objective
  • Discretion – We generally prefer to stay under the radar and focus on our client projects and needs in the most discreet fashion.

Why would I place my event in your hands?

You are special!  From the moment we meet, we are working for you and with you.  We will bring all our knowledge and creativity and deliver it in your preferred way.  We will advise, tailor and create and encourage you to look at different angles, but we always ensure the end product is what you want not what we want.  This way of working embraces one of our core values of ‘transparency’ which is delivered in all areas of the business.

Kelly Brown from KC Events will be at inVOYAGE 2016 in Dubai.

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