Experience this… foodie delights in Zanzibar

Zuri Zanzibar opened its doors in July last year and foodies looking to embrace the flavours of this exotic destination need look no further for a base to enjoy the culinary flavours that define the country’s cuisine.

The local dishes draw on a number of influences, from Arab to Portuguese and Indian, Bantu to Chinese and British. Add to this the fresh seafood, punchy spices and island fruits and vegetables on offer and it is easy to see why the culinary melting pot in Zanzibar is overflowing. 

Guests at Zuri Zanzibar can indulge in the ultimate foodie itinerary, learning to both cook and appreciate local flavours. Swahili cookery classes are on offer in Zuri Zanzibar’s Spice Garden or in the guest villas themselves, while foodie excursions include spice tours and a chance to sample island street food.

For a very memorable experience, learn traditional fishing techniques from the Watumbatu tribe.

Back at the hotel, guests can sample the local produce at Upendo restaurant while further afield, iconic restaurant The Rock features just 12 tables in its small restaurant, which is quite literally a rock in the waters of the Indian Ocean.


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