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inSIGHTS from …. Carina van ’t Hoenderdal

430285_378106642218703_1678953173_nNetherlands based Thika Travel, has been operating bespoke incentive travel since 1986. An independent operator offering extraordinary trips to the most beautiful destinations across Africa, Latin America, Indian subcontinent, Indian Ocean, the Emirates and beyond, we meet Carina van ’t Hoenderdal and discover her travel inspiration and brand values …

Where in the world is inspiring you right now?

Oh boy… do I need to pick one place in particular? Inspiration is so much closer than you expect sometimes! Travel wise though, what I always will remember the people at Lewa, Laikipia, Kenya. They are just amazing! They work with their heart, all driven by passion, from employees to directors, in a stunning environment. People with passion and a goal give me energy. Whether it’s Japan, Iceland or India.

What do you love about your brand?

The people! Tourism is all about people and their emotions. This triggers me a great deal. How do I make the right connection with the person and company in front of me?

What drives our clients to make this specific trip, and how do I get to know as much as possible about this person? How do I fulfil, preferably exceed, the client’s expectations together with my colleagues?

On the other hand, meeting the locals, dive into their culture and truly understand why they do what they do is an endless source of inspiration. Where can we connect and how can we deliver our joint qualities to this group? Doing this for Thika Travel is fantastic, because is it one of the most high-end companies in Holland. Everyone can book the most inspiring luxury accommodations, but we do our utter best to make a difference when it comes to experiences and creativity.

Why would I place my event in your hands?

You should place your event in my hands because I’m committed. I really dive into your world, your company and I listen to what drives you and your employees and try to understand the very heart of your organisation. The next step is seeing possibilities. So that this event won’t just be ‘an’ event, but it’ll unmistakably be ‘your’ event.


Carina van ’t Hoenderdal, Project Manager Incentives,Thika Travel (Netherlands) will be at inVOYAGE 2016 in Dubai.

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