60 seconds with… the man behind Micebook

After a brief spell in banking, Chetan Shah moved into PR and then events where he spent around 20 years working agency side for companies including Grass Roots and Black Tomato Agency before leaving to start up Micebook – a digital hub for the events industry, currently in its second phase of development. On 1 November, Micebook is hosting what it bills as the ‘to be seen’ at event in the 2017 MICE calendar.

Brand promise
We’re looking to deliver the definitive inspiration hub for global events professionals, underpinned by a great supplier base. Our vision is to inspire with great destination content for your next event brief and provide all the information, images and videos that you need for your proposal along with a community of suppliers who can support you. And because it’s a hub, we offer the ability to share all that intelligence with your colleagues.

Tell us more about 1st November 
It’s a networking event to bring the community of buyers and suppliers together. We are going to use technology to facilitate networking and incentivise the buyers to go and search out suppliers with rewards. Points will be awarded to buyers based on how prepared and involved they are with the networking. So for example, if they were to come with a brief in mind, they’ll be awarded more points. On the night, there will be a leaderboard that shows the top networkers, and they will win the top prizes, which includes flights and accommodation in Canada.

What’s #trending?
I think we’re pushing the destination boundaries with places like Rwanda and Nepal. These destinations are really exciting and very different and are finally starting to appear on the corporate agenda for incentives. It’s not just exciting for the guests going to these destinations, but also the suppliers as it’s all so new for them too, so there is a genuine warmth and care from the supply side. Closer to home, destinations such as Croatia and Italy have come back into vogue again.

Luxury defined in 140 characters
Luxury for me is personalisation. It’s that hand-written note, someone knowing your name and everything tailored to your personal choices.

Townhouse or treehouse?
Townhouse. Whilst I like to get away at times, I prefer the hustle and bustle. I want to be connected, inspired, and to step out the door and be in the thick of it.

The bucket list
It has to be Japan. I have always wanted to go because it’s such a unique destination and has it all – culture, technology, history and nature.

Old fave
One and Only Cape Town. It’s not exactly old but it’s one of my favourites.

Aperol or agua?
Definitely a G&T – Hendricks & cucumber if there’s a choice.

Proud moment
I hope that my proudest professional moment is yet to come – fingers crossed!

What inspires you?
In my current role, it’s all the technology entrepreneurs that have made it, and their journeys to get where they have. They are inspiring not only for their successes but the massive obstacles they have had to overcome!

Final word
Whilst my focus is working on a digital solution, face-to-face and relationships will always be key and that’s what I love about this industry. Meeting people at events or in destinations, that’s when the real business is done and emotional ties are made.




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