DMC Showcase – an exclusive high-end Moscow experience

Our latest DMC creativity showcase takes us to Moscow, where inVOYAGER A&K Russia delivered a series of memorable high-end experiences for guests attending one of the most important and exclusive conferences in the Jewish world…

The brief

A&K Russia was chosen above all other DMCs in Russia to operate this very important event – an annual International Leadership Reunion Conference which took place in Moscow on 15-17 September 2019. It was a large three-day conference for the top Jewish world business elite and governmental officials – around 150 people altogether.

The solution

The three conference days were full of major events – each of them needed to be held at the highest organisational level because it involved participation of many VIP guests, high level speakers and even top government officials. The security level was unprecedented, everything needed to run on time despite the most complicated logistics. It was perhaps our most challenging project ever, when all our efforts and organisation skills came to test.

The first evening started with an exclusive welcome event at the private museum of a famous Russian art collector, which has one of the most impressive collections of Faberge jewellery, bronze statues and pipe orchestras from all over the world. We arranged for the museum, usually limited to a few visitors only who come by personal invitation, to open exclusively for our guests.

The 180 guests were transferred from their hotel in a fleet of private vehicles escorted by the Moscow police. Guests enjoyed a caviar party in a cocktail-chic lounge. The evening ended with a festive welcome dinner at one of the most prestigious Moscow venues – an 18th century noble palace overlooking the Moscow Kremlin. The real highlight was a Russian Army Choir performance.

The following day started with the group split into a number of teams and exploring the cultural treasures of Moscow. Highlights of the morning included a specially arranged backstage tour of the Bolshoi theatre and meeting with a leading Ballerina of the Bolshoi. The day finished with a private event at the Moscow Helicon Opera Theater.

We were asked by the conference organisers to create a WOW experience, an evening everybody would remember and talk about afterwards. After many hours of discussion we came to an idea of renting the building of a private Helicon opera company in Moscow and creating our own show there together with professional dancers and singers of the best theatrical companies of Moscow. Never before anyone had an idea of bringing together the best of talent in Moscow in one place and create a brand new, completely tailor-made cultural experience linked to the end client’s private event.

The private show at Helicon Opera was titled A Journey Around Russia. The 40-minute show featured the best and the most famous highlights of Russian art and culture – from prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre Olga Smirnova to Cossack Dancing, from fully costumed opera performance to various style Folklore performances.

At the end of the show everyone stepped out to enjoy a vodka party – with traditional Russian appetisers and the best of Beluga poured from an ice samovar!

The Farewell Dinner was arranged in the open air at a private villa of a Moscow oligarch, where we decided to recreate the atmosphere of a colourful Georgian bazaar. The décor included tons of fresh vegetables and fruit which were delivered just for this event. Georgian wine was flowing, and guests were entertained by the best Georgian singers and dancers.

The verdict

A&K Russia General Manager Natalia Odinochkina said: “The conference participants and the conference leadership declared the 2019 ILR a huge success, in fact they called it “the best ILR – EVER”, and I am very happy to say that A&K Russia played a major role in this remarkable achievement.”

Mika Yemin-Daniel, Director of Major Donors, Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal said: “Keren Hayesod-UIA considers the ILR the most important and exclusive conference in the Jewish world. The conference participants and the Keren Hayesod-UIA leadership have declared the 2019 ILR a huge success, in fact they called it “the best ILR – EVER”, and I am forever in your debt for the major role you played in this achievement. During the conference itself, all your efforts and outstanding organisation skills came to fruition. You led the various events and teams with extreme professionalism, and most of the challenging “surprises” that came your way were dealt with very calmly and you easily found quick and doable solutions. I have truly enjoyed working so closely with you, and thank you profusely for your professionalism, dedication, responsibility, attention to details, support and friendship.”


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