Experience This… Arabian Adventures night safari

Arabian Adventures is offering a daily chance to get up close and personal with the desert wildlife of Dubai during the longer Winter months.

Every night, after sunset, the operator will offer a night-time safari to encourage guests to explore the striking desert landscape after sunset. 

The ‘Night Safari’ begins with a thrilling off-road night-time desert drive in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, to spot mammals, reptiles and insects, using a spot light and ultra violet light and night vision binoculars.

Eagle-eyed visitors will be joined by an expert guide, who will point out animals including the Arabian oryx, gazelle, reptiles and rodents. 

Scorpion tracking is a particular highlight, where UV lights are used to illuminate the exoskeleton of the intriguing creatures, causing them to glow in the dark under the sands.

The safari ends with a magical experience – stargazing across the Arabian night sky through a telescope. Arabian Adventures operates ‘Night Safaris’ daily with part of the fee donated support local conservation projects.

Arabian Adventures is attending inVOYAGE 2019.


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