inVOYAGE 2017 – live blog from our inSIGHTS Conference

Read our live blog from this year’s inSIGHTS conference at #inVOYAGE2017 – featuring new “stand up” speaker sessions from all corners of the industry – as it happened.

10.20 – Richard Joslin returned to the stage to wrap up the inSIGHTS conference – ahead of schedule – for a well-deserved coffee break before the one-to-one meetings kicked off.

10.15 – They set the scene for inVOYAGE’s very first mock trial, which will take place tonight at the Palacio da Bolsa. Agency x is being sued for negligence over an alleged accident at an incentive event and our guests will act as jurors in this landmark case, which will get everyone thinking about how prepared they are when it comes to crisis management.

10.10 – Micebook CEO Chetan Shah and DRP’s Marie Lacey took on the topic of about crisis management and the importance of best practice sharing – something they are both incredibly passionate about!

10.05 – Sally stressed the importance of incorporating wellness into meetings and incentives through building activities into itineraries and serving healthier food. She concluded: “If I can leave you with one thing today, do not cut the wellness!”.

09.55 – Sally Halstead, spa and programme manager, Como Shambala Estate was up next – talking about wellness. “The global workplace is unwell – it’s expensive to employers and the global economy alike. Wellness and work are interdependent,” she said.

09.50 – David concluded with his end game: “We want to build a global business. We want 20 agencies by 2020, we want to be in 20 different markets and we want to have a £20m in gross profit.”

09.40 – David Watt, CEO, CI Group leapt onto the stage with enthusiasm. “Data and analytics are now more important than strategy. You need data and analytics first to feed and create your strategy,” he said. David shared how to evaluate whether to build or buy agencies to grow your business.

09.25 – “If you create something that speaks to people individually – the results are phenomenal,” said Laura. Adam and Laura shared some examples of engaging and emotive content they have created for brands including Airbnb, Gucci and Marriott.

09.20 – Next up was ‘Storytelling in the Digital Age’ with Laura Mellman, director at The Smalls and Adam Reynolds, director at DCM. Laura said: “You have to modify how you present your story based on who you are speaking to and where. The rise of digital has completely changed how we speak to people.”

09.05 – She said we should look to the movie industry for inspiration in how to tell our stories or messages and create a logline like they have in movie scripts. “Think about your presentation in terms of an intro, a conversation and a presentation. All you want to do when you connect with someone is give that one sentence – your logline – to peek their curiosity. Get them to ask one question – and then you can start a conversation. Listen to them and what their struggles are and how you can help them. If you don’t get that connection, you won’t be able to pitch to them.”

09.00 – Tammy Broaddus, Principal at Overflow took to the stage to talk about ‘Why the elevator pitch is dead.’ She stressed why it’s important to speak to early adopters individually to share your message. “When you try to connect with everyone – it waters down your story. Connect with the early adopters and they tell your story for you. And the best way to do that is through story telling.”

08.50 – Johanna shared a story about driving to president Nelson Mandela’s house without an appointment and asked him for help. Amazingly – he did see her and help her out! “I am telling you all of these stories because you should always try!”, she explained.

08.45 – “Be in the moment and be positive,” said Johanna. “Try and be the person that people can gravitate towards. And you’ll do a lot of business – people do business with people they like.”

08.40 – Travel with Flair’s CEO Johanna Mukoki was first up. Her topic was: ‘Never curb your… enthusiasm.’ She said: “Remember that the value is within you, always look within, and always try to be the best version of yourself.” She shares a great story of when Bono called her a rock star for helping him out!

08.35 – DMC partner events, by tlc CEO Diogo Assis and Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa general manager Joana Almeida, welcomed inVOYAGERS to Porto and shared news of the city’s recent awards as top travel destination. Diogo says that 96% of people that come to Porto, want to come back! He said the city’s luxury side is more understated than other destinations, but it has a wonderful blend of history and culture.

08.30 – inVOYAGE founder Richard Joslin took to the stage to welcome the audience to the fourth annual inVOYAGE event in Porto: “The whole point of this event is to bring people together for inspiration. We have got some brilliant hotels, DMCs and agencies in the room together today.”





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