inVOYAGE 2020 Reschedule

We have taken the incredibly difficult decision to reschedule inVOYAGE due to the ongoing global effects of COVID-19.

It has not been a decision that we’ve taken at all lightly and comes as a result of significant consultation with a number of our partners and stakeholders internationally.

The effects of this pandemic have impacted the very best events agencies and corporate events teams, the most creative of DMC’s in the greatest of destinations and the finest luxury hotels and their teams.

Whilst, as an industry and community we all aim for a swift and sustained recovery, we are also acutely aware of the need for greater empathy and mindfulness of each-others individual situations.

At inVOYAGE we feel very strongly that our commitment and responsibility is to our community and bringing together the finest collective of first-class industry professionals in the best of environments for the advancement of creative inspiration and greater business opportunity.

Compromising this, compromising your safety and wellbeing, compromising your feeling of preparedness to return to travel / networking and compromising on the quality of our delivery by pressing ahead with inVOYAGE 2020 are just not compromises we should make.

Our focus is establishing a way forward to best serve the success of our community of inVOYAGERS.



Way Forward

We are rescheduling inVOYAGE 2020 and instead of waiting a further full year, we have scaled-up to bring you the choice of two luxury incentives events in 2021.

  • inVOYAGE Switzerland : 21 – 24 March 2021

  • inVOYAGE Mykonos : 03 – 06 October 2021

Both events will provide an entirely different luxury product mix with Travel Partners choosing only one event in which to participate.

No price increases will be applied in 2021.



Our determination is to go further and evolve faster for our community, always maintaining our core mission to inspire and redefine Luxury Lifestyle Incentives and Events.

We will create greater opportunity and connectivity, whilst ensuring the highest duty of care towards our community through our own practices as well as those of our partners.

We owe a great thanks to our partners in Switzerland and Greece for their ongoing support in making all this possible.

We recognise that the situation is changing by the day and will no doubt create new challenges as we move forward.  As such, we will continue developing our practices and preparedness, whilst ensuring that you are kept informed as we move forward together.

After all, we are all #inthisTOGETHER, so please keep well and share the kindness.

Kindest regards,

Richard and Debbie Joslin
Co-Founders, inVOYAGE