Rocco Forte Hotels’ Exquisite Europe experiences

Exquisite Europe, a new series of experiences available in all 12 Rocco Forte properties, provides guests and groups with memorable moments during their stay and opens the doors to local culture in each destination.

Guests at the Hotel Savoy can board a private helicopter and take flight over the Tuscan vineyards with award-winning sommelier to the stars, Filippo Bartolotta while those staying at Verdura Resort can fly over the ancient towns and villages of Sicily on their way to Mount Etna where they will land on the summit and can explore hidden caves and volcanic craters with the help of a local guide.

Other Italian adventures include soaring above the Roman landscape in a private hot air balloon before feasting on fine cuisine at the Hotel de Russie.

For culture seekers, a stay at the Hotel de Rome in Berlin can be combined with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the famous Staatsoper Opera House followed by VIP seats at a performance while in Russia, guests of the Hotel Astoria can indulge in a private viewing of the world famous Imperial Faberge eggs followed by a Champagne and caviar reception while watching a traditional Russian ballet performance.

Other Rocco Forte European experiences include skydiving over the Belgium countryside when staying at Hotel Amigo or a tour through the vineyards of the Rheingau in a chauffeured Bentley for Villa Kennedy guests.


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