Top 5 incentive and event destinations for 2020 and 2021

Thanks to the combination of excellent infrastructures and rich cultural experiences, traditional European destinations maintain their status of favourite locations for incentives and events across the world, according to global DMC group Ovation. Based on the group’s recent data, here’s the top five global destinations planners will be booking over the next two years…

1. Spain

An old classic. Spain has always been and still is, one of the key MICE destinations in Europe. It benefits from a huge influx of travellers into Madrid and Andalusia – the region of gems like Seville, Granada and Málaga. These destinations are also positively affected by carriers that have made the South of Spain easily reachable. 

The country also counts enviable infrastructures: several airports, highways, high-speed trains and venues with good capacity. Combine them with the Spanish sun, good food and long-standing traditions, and you found yourself the perfect destination.

2. Switzerland

A true hidden treasure for meeting planners. Green meadows, crystal-clear lakes and imposing mountains make the perfect frame for Switzerland’s innovative and vibrant cities.

Even though not often at the top of event managers’ bucket list, the country has always been praised for high standards of excellence and incredible customer service. A country that is chosen for top of the top corporate events by those who want the very best.

3. France

Another old-time favourite, with Paris still holding a spot in people’s hearts for its iconic boulevards, bistros and chic flair. But just like in Spain, secondary cities continue to grow in popularity.

Planners are aiming more frequently for Mediterranean cities like Cannes, Nice or Monaco, where the mild climate and the presence of international events are big draws. Coupling notorious locations with new opportunities and places can unveil the less known in one of the most famous countries in the world.

4. The Netherlands

The ever-popular Amsterdam is a European hub – and rightly so. English is now considered a second language. Along with this cosmopolitan vibe, the Dutch capital has increased venues and hotel properties diligently and is now boasting great spaces and high-end hotels.

Picturesque canals, good international flights connections and an exciting nightlife make the city an ideal destination. Demand for secondary cities like Rotterdam and The Hague is growing rapidly, thanks to the proximity of all urban centres to one another.

5. Germany

Planners love how multi-faceted Germany is. Quaint towns, Roman baths and medieval castles meet with dynamic and cutting-edge urban centres. You will encounter 5,000 different brands of beer and 300 different kinds of bread. 

And if you are planning a trip to Bavaria, the Oktoberfest is a German must. Great cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dresden and Leipzig are at the top of the list for meetings and conferences. Berlin and Munich also stand out as the preferred destinations for incentive programmes.


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